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Bee Gees – Days’n’Nights

Guitar Workshop…

We have a great classical guitar maker here in our village I made a video some years back this is Stephan Schlemper's workshop...

Lazuli & Jesper Munk in Worpswede

Two great concerts last week in the Worpswede Musichall. On the Friday Lazuli an amazing French band then the next day Jesper Munk and his band. Jesper is only 22 years of age but sings and played with the sound and confidence of performers twice his age, a great drummer  and bass player who really compliment his style add to the overall excitement. See you all again soon I hope...
Jesper +

Jesper Munk + B

IBG’s to Australia

Vince says 'Think I'm Going Back to WHERE?'...

Together Again

Blue & Dennis...together again.
Blue & Dennis...together again.

Blue & Dennis...together again.

Rehearsals for Bee Gees Spirits Tour

Nice comments here from Maurice The Bee Gees toured with their band, formed in 1975 and which consisted of Dennis Bryon on drums, Blue Weaver on various keyboards, and Alan Kendall on lead guitar. This band was more than just a group of musicians playing together. As Maurice once said: "They're part of the family. Having a band that knows how we play and sing and write has really been one of the keys to our sound." See full article here

The Layla Piano

9ft Baldwin piano in Criteria Studios MiamiThis is the 9ft Baldwin piano in Criteria studios Miami. This piano has featured on many hits but the most famous must be the fantastic coda on 'Layla" played by Jim Gordon, yes! the drummer. Jim apparently was playing this chord sequence when Eric walked in and said it must go on the end of Layla so about 5 days later the coda was recorded, originally in C but was varispeeded up slightly afterwards as was the original song. This piano was used on practically all Bee Gee's songs (that used a piano) from 1975 - 1979. On 'Tragedy' there are 9 tracks of what we called 'Elephant Piano' (piano heavilly compressed and gated so no attack and just sustain).The tone was very bright as all the hammers were injected regularly with silicon to make them harder and thus produce a louder brighter tone, not always easy to play especially on delicate ballads (there was also a beautiful old Steinway with a softer tone).

Pet Shop Boys, Me, 2 Fairlights+Some Great Old Keyboards do “TOGWT”

Updated video.... The Pet Shop Boys first live gig was at the ICA in London (can't remember date in'80's.. just saw '86 on this video so around there) starring in "The Max Headroom Show" I programmed 2 Fairlights for the backing and myself Chris and Neil also played keyboards it was definately the one and only time Chris played Trombone on stage and they/we sounded great. I also did the same for them on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" Wow! don't believe this just found video on YouTube.I was behind the bank of screens with a mixing desk sending my mix to the control room. Big panic just before the show went out live as someone tripped over one of the mains cables to the Fairlights and I had to do a panic soldering iron repair. My Yamaha DX1, Technics PX1 as well as my Fairlights being used also. Also this same night

The Blue Gees

This is one of the few videos that actually has some great shots of all the band. All my buttons broke off my shirt but the show must go on!


Saturday Night Fever Platinum 8 track – the only one This was the only album to ever achieve platinum status for an 8-track cartridge. For my younger readers this was a system initially for a car it was cassette based 3/4inch tape running at three and three quarter inches per second. This was superior to a cassette system which only ran at one and seven eights per second and the tape was half the size but like the betamax and VHS battle cassette won and 8-track dissapeared but some were incorporated into hi-fi systems. So to sell 1 million of these was some achievement.


Summerfest Worpsede 2010Gig in the summer of 2010 in Worpswede nr Bremen.  I guested on keyboards for my old friend Brian Parrish and his band. Let's do it again sometime!