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Tour Update

Tour Update - Well after a meal in a Burger King, the only place open at 12.30am, we traveled the usual 2 hours to the hotel which was situated in the woods just outside the quaint German village of Bad Sexunfahrtin. I was amazed to see a lot of fans appearing from the trees as we approached some looked as if they had been waiting for some time. I asked why they were mostly dressed in hot pants and thigh length boots and our tour manager said it was usual now for young fans to adopt a uniform in support of their band and these were called the "Bee G stringers" some of them looked pretty old though to me. The hotel 'The Wellcum In', (if they are going to use an English name why don't they learn to spell it correctly?) looked interesting, bathed in it's glow of red lights and a sign that said '10 euros per hour', expensive for 1 night, there didn't seem to be many guests just a few black Range Rovers with dark tinted windows and guys smoking some large, quite pleasant smelling, cigarettes. Some of the 'Bee G stringers' came running as we arrived but our tour manager sent them to the road crews room, for a backstage pass I think. We were given a rather sticky room key on the ground floor and when I asked what time breakfast was and he looked amazed and said most didn't stay for breakfast. Well the room was interesting, dimly lit again with a red glow which was enhanced by the mirrors everywhere, even on the ceiling! When we pulled back the heavy rubber bed cover there were no sheets, I called reception and he said they were an extra 10 euros and he would send someone along with them and to pay them in cash. We finally got into bed and I switched on the television and was asked if we wanted to make our own video, strange! I tried to find a news channel but they all seemed to be showing sex educational movies, I couldn't hear the TV very well as our room seemed to be next to the fitness and exercise room, strange how many people seem to workout at night, lots of groaning like they were out of breath very quickly.. We didn't get much sleep and I hope we don't get to stay in a 'Wellcum In' again... Lots of noise coming from the road crews room as we were leaving and the girls must have been very rich as they kept giving their money to their drivers in the black Range Rovers... More to come...

Massachusetts 2014

After a very successful tour of Germany in 2013 with the Egiziano Brothers, otherwise known as 'The Italian Bee Gees' we have embarked on another tour 'Massachusetts 2014' the first part is now over and the response from the audiences has been fantastic. We feel a lot happier with the production this time having learnt a lot in 2013. One review said "The best Bee Gees since The Bee Gees" which is really encouraging for the brothers. The band ladies and dancers have, as usual been amazing. Massachusetts3 Essen2014 I have been included as a special guest and yes I do feel special and never thought I would be back on stage with 3 brothers singing and playing Bee Songs. Thank you all.. .