Pet Shop Boys, Me, 2 Fairlights+Some Great Old Keyboards do “TOGWT”

Updated video.... The Pet Shop Boys first live gig was at the ICA in London (can't remember date in'80's.. just saw '86 on this video so around there) starring in "The Max Headroom Show" I programmed 2 Fairlights for the backing and myself Chris and Neil also played keyboards it was definately the one and only time Chris played Trombone on stage and they/we sounded great. I also did the same for them on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" Wow! don't believe this just found video on YouTube.I was behind the bank of screens with a mixing desk sending my mix to the control room. Big panic just before the show went out live as someone tripped over one of the mains cables to the Fairlights and I had to do a panic soldering iron repair. My Yamaha DX1, Technics PX1 as well as my Fairlights being used also. Also this same night
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