The  Bluebottle hand puppet advert

The Bluebottle hand puppet advert

My name 'Blue' came from a cartoon character in the famous "Goon Show" the character was payed by Peter Sellers and was named 'Bluebottle'.  See this site for more details It was originally a radio show but in the early sixties the 'TeleGoons' were created. Luckily for me people shortened it to just Blue. The name was given to me by Gary Cooper (real name Edward) Charlotte Church's grandfather. He played sax with a local Cardiff group called 'The Sect Maniacs" and he thought I looked like the character. Obviously as you can see there is absolutely no resemblance but thank you Gary as the name stuck and was good for my career as people always remembered it. There was a song called 'Bluebottle Blues' I will get the original track and post here sometime.

The original Bluebottle hand puppet

The original Bluebottle hand puppet. Don't know why they put a skirt on me but I suppose you wouldn't be able to get your hand up my trousers.

I've got those "When I say I trust you I don't want to be drownded 'cause I do not like those kind of game" Blues. I don't like naughty tricks that go sploo gee splat (They say harm can come to a young lad like that) And I do not like explosions that blow me back for Christmas Out of my el-seaside bel-bottom shoes I don't like being wetted by nasty April showers And I do not like being nutted by Eifel and Blackpool towers So I do not want to be drowned, nutted, deaded, hitted, splatted pledded! I don't like that kind of type blues -- I don't like that I've got them Bluebottle Blues.
Well now the truth is finally out so all enjoy......
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