Musichall 20 years

A special concert on the Weyerberg Worpswede was held to celebrate 20 years of the fantastic Musichall here...
Clem Clempson, Chris Farlow, Blue Weaver, Stoppok, Brian Parrish

Clem, Chris, Me, Stoppok, Brian...

  1. Bet it was a great night! Any sign of handbags, or even gladrags? (Love Affair covered that on our first LP) 😉

      • Blue
      • February 21st, 2016

      Have played with Chris quite a few times now but not had the chance to do Handbags and Gladrags but have played it here with some others a great Mike d’abi song from 1967. I have a great recent version of Mike singing and playing piano with my friend Stoppok and friends…

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