The Layla Piano

9ft Baldwin piano in Criteria Studios MiamiThis is the 9ft Baldwin piano in Criteria studios Miami. This piano has featured on many hits but the most famous must be the fantastic coda on 'Layla" played by Jim Gordon, yes! the drummer. Jim apparently was playing this chord sequence when Eric walked in and said it must go on the end of Layla so about 5 days later the coda was recorded, originally in C but was varispeeded up slightly afterwards as was the original song. This piano was used on practically all Bee Gee's songs (that used a piano) from 1975 - 1979. On 'Tragedy' there are 9 tracks of what we called 'Elephant Piano' (piano heavilly compressed and gated so no attack and just sustain).The tone was very bright as all the hammers were injected regularly with silicon to make them harder and thus produce a louder brighter tone, not always easy to play especially on delicate ballads (there was also a beautiful old Steinway with a softer tone).
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